Thursday, February 27, 2014

Descovering the four letters

I always though that I'm more interested in guys that are unavailable for me. The guys that I can hardly reach. The bad guys. Most of us the women are doing this. It's because we think the distance is attractive?

I always though that I have to run for having love in my life. That love is something that you can't reach all the time. Is something to fight for, is never a easy path trough this.

I always though that maybe the first love is the only true and pure love? Because is the first, is the moment when you start to love.

I am wondering if people is finding their soul mate until the end of life. And how many of them have patience for waiting to find him?

I think I discovered the answers and the feeling I thought I won't be able anymore to have it. I think I discovered that  Love is something else, is not the hard path as I though. It is an incredible feeling who can be hard explained in words.

Did you descovered the four letters?


Friday, February 14, 2014

Blowing your mind

Having a discussion with a person very special for me I realized how important is to be poly or the have a good education from childhood. This makes you stepping un life in silance, without disturbing anybody. And you can feel and see those type of people.

When I started to treat my own person with respect I started to met those typ of people. And it'a amazing how you can feel the vibe of each new people you met afrter a few seconds. Because when you're rlaxed you have other eyes to see how people they really are.

What makes me an educated person? When I was little I had to live with an aunt and his familly. I was only 12 years old but I felt that type of familly doesn't fit with my model of familly. So I izolated myself in studying because it was the only escape from what I didn't want to see.

I'm blowing my mind with good music and with good books. It's also an escape from the word I live in and I feel is not my familly. This country is not my familly. That's why I will try to descover more countries and more cultures. In this whay I'll be able to idebtify myself with what I really like

Shinedd ^^