Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sustainable spirit

I started lately to think how I take care of me. And here it is, those are my ways:

1. Taking care of my sleep. I ever was a night bird, sleep a little and without a regular program for sleeping. But I found what a good feeling is waking up rested and being fresh all day long. So I started to go to sleep earlier (for me early means between 12.00 a.m. and 01.00 a.m.). I try to wake up around the same hour and to sleep at least 7 or 8 hours. I do this for three weeks and I'm sure I avoided many days when I could feel exhausted. I realized I have to pay attention on sleeping because is the only moment when our minds are in shut-down mode and our bodies regenerates. 

2. Taking care of my food. I started half year ago (I had tried this in 2012 but couldn't keep it for long) to pay attention on what I'm eating. After I visited Madrid for a few days and met Andres who showed me and explained my how much attention they put on food I started doing the same. And from the last June I do my best. When I'm eating I'm trying to imagine all the food's vitamins running trough my body. For this reason I try to eat only healthy food, almost no meat and nutritive aliments. I lost some weight at the begging and I'm feeling so good with my slip body but very healthy! Another good change was to start drinking tea and water (I drink almost one l by day but I plan to reach two l). Because let's think about this: we look what we eat!

3. Minimizing everything. I make 2 time by year a selection in my clothes because what I didn't wear for a year, I won't wear it for sure in the next one :) I always throw useless things. That's one of the reason I hadn't any pan in the new rented apartment, because when I left the old one I threw all the old things :))

4. Taking care of my mind. A healthy mind is keep with a little bit work. So I need to learn something new all the time. When I get to know something very well I get bored and I need to learn something else. That's the reason why I don't know what type of job could full fill this need I have. In my spare time I keep doing something with my mind: reading books, reading blogs, learning, searching things on internet.

5. Taking care of my soul. Ahhh...this is a hard work. It's under construction but I will cure my soul one day :) But meanwhile I treat my soul with good music. I search music, I discover unknown music. I listen music all the time: at work, at home, in my car, on the street. I removed from my life the people that I have nothing in common and I can't learn anything from them. I stopped paying attention on what the people think or believe about me because this is just a hard malady, it doesn't bring you any gain. I start paying attention on my friends and whom are my real friends. I start taking care of my soul, because is the best part of us and sometimes we forgot about it.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The worst mistakes women do in relationships (Part 1)

I start following and thinking a lot about my behavior about men and I examined my ex-relationships very deep. I have to admit that for few of them I can't find the meaning and maybe I can't understand why I was with those guys... But, as long as I have a big interest for the future and I consider all the decisions made at a moment of time being part of what you are now, I can say I don't regret my relationships. Also, the best part is that I can write now about my mistakes and I can inspire other women not to do the same.
Women body and soul is a very complex organism, and a lot of men tried to understand it, but they couldn't. I have a big news for you guys, sometimes we can't understand ourselves so don't panic! :) 

I consider a very big mistake to searching for the right guy. We don't have to search, we have to wait for him. For sure there is a soul mate for all of us because I truly believe that men & women are made to live and be together. We want serious relationships when we are just teenagers and we want to be in the grown up people's world when we didn't finish the teenage. So girls, don't be rushed to live with your boyfriend in your early 20 or the get married in your beautiful youth! It's plenty time in this live for all the serious part.

We fall in love too fast with the first guy who appears in our way. I know, I know, is hard to be alone and we are made for spreading love and kindness but let's think a little bit first of all if the guy is in the same stage as us. For example, I saw my friends (and I did it in the past) falling in love with a guy who is searching for adventures and who is living his live without any need to be in a relationship. And then, the woman is disappointing because she wants to make the guy falling in love with her and being together. So girls, be smart: if you search for a relationship and the guy doesn't you have to remove him from your mind!

We have to learn how to wait and how to have patience. It's true that when we met a good male specimen our hearts start burning and thousand butterflies are running like crazy in our stomachs. Nevertheless we have to learn to be patient and to know the guy. Too find what he is looking for, too drink few cocktails with him and too make same walks in the park first. After this we can decide if he's the guy we would like to build a beautiful relationship.

Don't start relationships with men we don't fully like. Sometimes we think we will fall in love on the way but unfortunately this don't happen. I think we should be in loved already when we start a new relationship else we won't fall in love with the guy. Maybe we will develop other type of feelings, like friendship and respect but this is not how should start a relationship.

We have to learn to live with our loneliness. I observed a lot of women (and I did it also) who they feel so alone and they consider to full fill their soul with a new guy. I believe there are periods in our life when is meant to be alone. This is not something wrong. We can fill our time with a lot of activities for ourselves: learning something new, cooking, reading, making more sport, having a pet, going out or millions of other choices. And for sure, when we have a peaceful spirit this will bright in the best men's eyes :)

If there is any man reading my post, I'm very curious what they think are our biggest mistakes?

Shinedd ^^

PS: to be continued :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Change your perception about money

I would like to share with everybody my new vision about money, how I get to this and what is the path I followed for changing my perceptions I had.

I start working in my early 20. At the begging, I toyed with few summer jobs (I worked in my father's bar when I was13 and I worked as a beer seller in University, you know...that person who is putting you beer at the big beer festivals). I always considered that having money in my pocket brings me some kind of freedom ,which I still consider true. So I started my first serious job at 20 and since then I didn't stop. During eight years I changed five jobs. I learned quick and I get bored after I knew something very good. 

Because I'm working in Human Resources I found interesting a lot of theories about work and compensation, for example one theory says that money bring a short therm motivation for workers, it keeps your involvement high only for six month. That's the reason why a company should understand to stop motivating people trough money and start to find means more valuable to keep the people involved (anyway, this is another subject I'll develop in another post).

I always had small salaries and I considered more important to learn and grow but one day I realized that accepting this it means I don't add any value to myself and my work. So I decided to find a job where I'll have a certain salary, that I established to be decent and to allow me to enjoy more things. And I did it! 

Another way to get your financial independence is to avoid bank loans and generally to avoid having debts. This was my first step I did, because of course in my young recklessness I had multiple credit cards to shop what I want and to spend money on trips or going out. Thanks to my friend Nico who opened my eyes I did it and now I don't depend on any bank rate or shit like this.

Second step I did it was to be aware about what I'm doing with my money and why. I realized I'm spending every month all my salary. I don't know why and how but I was good at this. In fact, I think it's like a malady: the more you have, the more you spend. Then I decided it's time to stop this not so good behavior and start thinking about the money I have, how much I have and if it's worth to buy a particular thing or not. Also I tried to keep around only people with the same thinking and to stay away from the people who put so much value on the money they have because I believe this is a sick thinking. 

Another good advice I'd give, especially for women, is to change their minds about clothes. This is one of the 21 century problem for us, because we was learned with fashion roll models we see each day at TV (I don't do it for years). I realized I had the same thinking about clothes, in the past. I was sopping clothes because I was thinking it makes me feel good after. This is a false impression because once you are back in your home you lose any interest about it and you get only a big hole in your pocket. So I started to review my wardrobe and to throw or give what I don't wear and to keep only the things I really like. I considered it's more healthy to have a few things but nice things than to have a full wardrobe with shit. Another step for keeping this in my live is to go for shopping only when I need (for example I'm wearings the same jeans or boots until they broke or look bad). I did it in the past and I still hear this around me that people go in stores only to "take a look". I was asking myself: to take a look at what and what for? It's nothing healthy doing this, it's only a way to keep you shopping addiction active. So I stopped doing this few years ago and now I'm going for shopping when my favorite jeans are dead or when I don't have anymore socks :))

Lately, even if I have more money than in the past I started to take care what I'm buying and where I'm going out. I hate to pay for cocktails or accommodation or food money that don't worth (even if I afford this). Also I try to a lot of activities with less money: car pooling for road trips, not going at work by car, stay in tent instead of an expensive accommodation,  free seminaries or couchsurfing when I travel abroad). 

The most important thing is to keep tracking your money and to plan them for real valuable things. This has to be done by answering at few questions: how much I have and how much I need to spend. When you will order your pocket and you will plan your money you will be able to spend less, and to buy only what you really need. This will help you also to make savings which is a wonderful activity will let you do stuff you like in the future and even have the opportunity to leave your job if you don't like it and stay at home searching for what you really like.

I also recommend to watch million times Fight Club, one of my favorites movies, which is explains a lot about money's value:

So keep thinking about the money but not about how you can ear more but about what they means and how they impacts your life!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Platforms I really enjoy

I discovered recently reddit and I really enjoy the time spent in. They call themselves the front page of the internet. It's an open source platform, everybody can contribute but only by respecting some strict rules who transform you in a responsible content  divisor. In my first interaction with reddit I didn't pay attention about the rules and my content was banned. Then I realized I have to spend a little bit time to understand how it works this platform, and then to start sharing content again. At the first view you won't enjoy the platform, because is not so nice and easy to use like facebook or his brother tumblr. But I think it's a great place where you can find high quality information on internet.

stumbleupon it's an very nice platform where you can jump from site to site according the interests you defined. I asked a friend in one day: how can I find more and good websites for my interests (like art,  music, blogging, technology, and so on). He told me: in a single place called stumbleupon :) Try Stumble and you will enjoy it!

I always have butterflies in my head so I always forget passwords from my accounts. A girl told me one day that you can keep all your accounts opened in the same page and follow them in the same time. Then you can add your sites you've subscribed or multiple emails accounts opened. Hmmm... this sounds good, an application who can keep all my sheet together. So, ladies & gens, try netvibes. This type of website is a dashboard for your accounts and not only.

If you are searching for another type of job, excluded jobs in corporations you can navigate escapethecity. I most liked their concept about submitting an CV: we don't care what you worked until now or what skills you gained we care only about what are you determinate to learn. Wow, fantastic approach!

A friend presented me this site like the lowest edge of the internet. You can find in here all types of information starting with weapons and continuing with fashion, politics or some kind of pornography. In a single place, with no IP track for your computer: 4chan

Enjoy guys!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How to start a personal project?

I decided to live in another country for one year but I didn't figured out yet where and what to do. I started to raise some money, I planned to raise 2000 euros until the moment I'll leave Romania. This is a hard work, because in this country the salaries are so small and life is so expensive but I'll discipline myself to do it.

Before deciding where to go and what to do I decided to have a personal project which can financially support my future life for one year. Because I like technology and especially online environment I'll choose something related with this.

Those are the steps I will follow in order to build my personal project:

1. DEFINING THE PROJECT or "you have to know where you want to go"
- What is the project? (blog, new IT skill, etc.)
- Define new skill I'll have to learn (application, programming language, deep SEO knowledge, etc)
 Inspirational website for this:

2. PROJECT PLAN or "you first have to know the architectural project before start putting the bricks of the house"
- When I'll start?
- What I have to learn and what level of learning I have to reach?
- Establish the deadlines and project's goals

3. STICK TO THE PLAN or "let's do not kill the ideas when them are babies"
- permanent follow-up over the project & deadlines
- always respecting the deadlines and make a positive evaluation over the progress
- work & work & work!

I'll keep you updated with my project and results and I will let you know how I did it.


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to survive without Facebook? (part two)

One week ago I wrote that I decided to quit my Facebook for one month, because lately I was obsessed and I felt like Facebook is controlling my life...

After one week I'm still in the same break and I decided to keep it like this :) I tried also to follow me and see what I tend to do with the free time I have. In my first days without Facebook I had the temptation to follow something. That's the reason why I start to keep an eye on my Tumblr account. Lucky me I'm new on Tumblr so I didn't find any interesting to follow it. Then easily I forgot the need to follow a news feed (I subscribed on Facebook at different pages with news, events, things or people I like). I feel like I don't know what's new around me but meanwhile I feel good because I have a real brake from everything and I can be undisturbed by something.

I realized I didn't give in my previous post an important description for this decision: I think that less addictions we have make us more free so this is one of the steps I do with my new life.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I need a break from:

- not beeing creative
- pretending beeing a good child
- growing-up my sister
- not taking care of myself
- not talking about myself
- beeing followed by gosts
- living in the future
- living in the past
- doing a job I don't fully like
- filling my soul with disillusion
- beeing what I'm not
- be competitive
- not having patience

Sunday, January 5, 2014

How to survive without Facebook?

I spend so much time on Facebook and I realized a scarry picture: I had more than consecutive four nights when I starred at Facebook, without effectively speaking with somebody, only following the virtual life of my friends. Then I realized that I do the same when I'm out with my friends or even speaking with somebody: I check my Facebook feed page. I had some moments when my mind told me It's wrong to check your Facebook now and my fingers and eyes couldn't stop: let's try only for a few seconds. And few seconds on Facebook always become many minutes. So, I have to stop and disciplin my addiction. 

I started the first experiment in the New Years Eve night when I asked my friends to stop checking the Facebook and enjoy the party. I don't know how many of them did but I did it: no checking until next day in the morning.

After this I start thinking I'd want more: one month without Facebook. I want to follow my behavior in this month, and of course, I'll write here to inspire more people.

Today is the first day. I started my day with five lessons of Duolingo (a very funny app who teaches you a foreign language). I never did before five lessons in a moment! Then I went shopping things I never find time to search and buy. Because I still had some free time, I called one friend of mine for visiting her and now I just came back from her house, where we eat, drank tea and watched a movie. Hmmm...nice free time.

See you soon!


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

10 People who inspired me

Before deciding doing the trip of my life I met few people who inspired me. Them traveling stories impressed me a lot and made me dream to a trip.

All those people I met in 2013 or they are old friends and I would like to say a few words about each:

1. Andres. He is my first couchsurfer from Madrid, in fact he hosted me for 5 days. He show me beautiful places and shared me nice stories about his live abrod for many years. He lived in Tokio, Miami, other places from Spain, and he traveled a lot in different countries. I learned from him about Asia in particular.

2. Vali. He is my sailor-man friend and he is doing amazing trips as a Cadet on a transporting goods ship. He is making short stops in different countries on his way and he is testing them night life. He traveled in Asia, Africa and now he is discovering South America.

3. Catalina. She is my former colleague from a previous job. She is so young, so beautiful and so energetic girl. She quit the job she had for going in a volonteer job in Indonesia. She planed to stay few months but she finished by staying one year in this country.

4. Ionut. He is my former colleague and Vali's brother. He went by bicycle from Bucharest to Berlin to visit his girlfriend who was living there. He traveled all alone, sleep in the nature and met a lot of interesting people.

5. Mike & Chris. Them are two guys we met in Vama Veche. They ware in summer vacation traveling from Germany to Gerorgia with no map and no plan what to visit, only asking local people where should stop in their country. They had also a trip diary for taking notes from different countries: common expression, numbers, how to ask something. Me and my friends prepared him the map for Bulgaria :)

6. Seb. I hard a lot of stories about this guy and I decided he is an interesting person whom I should inspire. He quit his famous club he had in Bucharest and start traveling and interacting with a new word. He is also funny and charming story teller.

7. Mihaela & Stephan. This couple is my parent's friends. They are so enthusiast and have wonderful stories from the period they lived in Berlin and also from their diving trips in exotic countries.

8. Dorin. This is a guy I recently met and who decided to quit his wonderful IT job for starting a new University in Amsterdam. He planed to spend his rainy days composing guitar songs and maybe owning a radio.

9. Nicoleta. She is one of my good friends. She quit her corporate job and have no job for half year. Meanwhile she found another job abroad and now she is living in Gent.

10. Suzana. This girl is my friend since kindergarten, we spent together all summer vacations and we lived in the same apartment. She left Romania for discovering  Germany. She told me a lot of interesting stories about German culture.

Thank you wonderful guys for your learning, I'm happy I met you!